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Lawyers- in 2021 we're offering a special to a select number of dentists in good standing: we'll completely pay for filming your commercial, editing your commercial, your testimonial videos, landing page site, complete funnel, ad copy, ad graphics, and run your ads for you, ALL FOR FREE for a limited time!

You just cover the monthly budget for ad costs for Facebook and Instagram. Only available to a select number of dentists in Southern California. Other exclusions apply.

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Complete Ad Campaign

Many practices don't invest in proper commercials, and those who do, never utilize them properly. We are here from the first step of the commercial through the funnels and ads.

Commercial + More

Many lawyers opt for 1 commercial and think they're done. We produce a complete series of videos you need to effectively run ads and succeed.


What do you do with your commercials? We run them through an optimized funnel so that those actually seeking a dentist see your ad campaigns.

Copy and Attract

Ads need copy that works with their offer, along with processes like split tests and scaling to keep ad campaigns going and growing.

Successful Strategy

Law practices can utilize a series of tools to stand out, and to grow quicker than competitors. We'll help you utilize as many of these as possible in conjunction with your ad campaign.

Full Marketing Strategy

The value of your commercials along with your marketing strategy is profound and limitless if you're able to effectively and successfully get them to your patients!

Your competition is trying to surpass you in hopes of attracting the next new customer within your area who is looking for a lawyer. What will boost you past your competitors so that their ads and posts fail to compete with yours? Let us show you!

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I'll personally give you a call to discuss your commercials, filming your testimonial, setting up your site, your funnel, and tackling your ads on Facebook and Instagram!

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I will personally reach out to you within 24 hours on getting started with upgrading your practice's presence and marketing!